INTERNSHIP - Data Analyst

  • Analytics
  • Ivry-Sur-Seine, France

INTERNSHIP - Data Analyst

Job description

We are looking for a Data Analyst Intern (end of Studies OR year off internship) to join our Analytics team and help build a new generation of stores that thousands (to millions!) of people will use every day.

We drive the decision-making process and strive to deliver impactful actions.

The team is responsible for data analytics across all departments as well as building the tools for operations to run more efficiently. We care deeply about business relevance, efficiency, and agility.

At Storelift, our people are consumer product-oriented, intensely curious, and selfless.

The data is at the core of our intelligence and we encourage anyone who has the curiosity and the passion to leverage it, to apply!

**👋 About Storelift**

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people shop for essentials.

So far, grocery shopping has always been time-consuming and we got used to deceptive experiences. Shopping at any time and close by shouldn't be a luxury.

We decided to break the status-quo and for that, we created: Boxy.

Boxy is open 24/7. Compact but complete, it's equipped with the latest technology leveraging state of the art AI to offer shoppers a frictionless experience. Because it automatically detects the items you pick up, you just take what you need and that's it. No checkout.

**🧗 What you'll do**

* Build the reporting ecosystem in collaboration with stakeholders (finance, marketing, CRM, sales, operations, engineering,...)

* Ensure the relevance and reliability of the data visualization

* Deliver meaningful and actionable analytics on demand

* Promote a data-driven culture and inspire others to critical thinking

Job requirements

**👤 Who you are**

* You are currently following the cursus of a leading engineering school and looking for your end of studies or year off internship 

* You have great communication skills

* You have outstanding knowledge of Microsoft Excel
* You have a great ability to learn, and you are eager to expand your areas of expertise.
* You have a passion for supporting and enabling others to become more productive.